DIY Hair Spa Recipe


Renew and Refresh Hair

All our recipes use all natural ingredients you can easy find and are also easy to make!


One of my favorite and super easy home hair spa recipes is the Four-Oil Hair Recipe. With these blends of oils, I started seeing healthier hair by adding extra nourishment and conditioning your scalp and hair follicles. All I did was blend four oils together and massage it into my scalp. Did you also know that scalp and hair massages are great and effective methods to increase blood circulation, so your hair can grow healthy and strong? Learn more about scalp massages, click here.

Pon’s Four Oil Hair Blend

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Sesame Oil
Coconut Oil

Mix 1 teaspoon of each oil at room temperature (slightly warmed is OK)in a small bowl. Make sure all oils are blended thoroughly. Gently massage the oil into your scalp using your fingertips. Make sure to work your way from the root to end, so all the hair is covered evenly. Let it sit for about 15-30 minutes and rinse.  

Optional:Leave in overnight for a deep conditioning experience. Don’t forget to cover your hair with a shower cap or  a thick towel over your pillow to protect your linens. In the morning, gently shampoo out the oil with a natural or organic shampoo like PON’s.

For more hair recipes, make sure to stay tuned! If you have any hair hacks, please share with us by leaving a comment below.


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