Don’t Forget About You: Self Love, Love Yourself

With all the love in the air, don’t forget to share a little bit of that love with yourself.

However, self love or loving yourself is sometimes the hardest things to do because on some days it is just really hard to find a kind word for yourself or to turn off that little voice in your head. To help you find your own love you or happiness ritual, here are a few of our favorite to do.


Love Your Mind

Loving yourself is sometimes the hardest things to do because on some days it is just really hard to find a kind word for yourself. Keep your pep talk positive like you would for your best friend. Staying positive is key to loving yourself.

Love Your Body
Your body is a strong, healthy, and beautiful. Your body allows you to walk and talk and jump and run, so make sure to treat your body with the respect it.

One way to show self-love is to nourishing your body with whole healthy foods and drinks is an everyday self love activity that can easy be included in your life because food is the energy that keeps us going. A great way to eat better is to start cooking.

Another great way to show your body self-love is to get moving and grooving. Move that gorgeous body every day and learn to love your skin. Try turning up the music and dancing in your room or simple just taking a walk around the block. Both are a great way to let loose and reboot.

The last way is to pamper yourself. This could mean taking a nice hot bath or and shower, getting your nails done, or going out for a nice jog. When you love your body that self-love is what can help bring a smile to your face. Remember to read the labels on your shampoo and body washes to make sure there are no harmful ingredients that may cause adverse affects to your mind and body. Pure Organic Natural (PON) products never contain Parabens, MI/MCI, Sulfates, SLS/SLES, Silicone, DEAs, MEAs, TEAs, Colorants, Fragrances, Phthalates, and GMOs.

Love Your Soul

Lastly, with all the hustle and bustle in the busy lives we lead, there never seems to be a moment where times stays still. Our minds are constantly running our to-do lists rarely pausing to catch a breath.

It’s time to take a break, reenergize and refresh your mind and soul. Here are some helpful steps for relaxation.  Try disconnecting from constant distractions by being alone to reflect or focus on you. This could mean practicing mindful meditation and deep breathing or practicing mindful meditation. Self love for the soul is very important to rediscover yourself by listing and doing what you want and need for yourself.

If you have any helpful tips, please make sure to leave us a comment!