How To Properly Wash Your Hair

Remember growing up when you thought if you didn’t wash your hair every single day it would fall out? Well, welcome to the new age, where we now know going a couple of days in-between every wash is actually ideal.  Now that we have the frequency down, we really need to focus on making those 2-3 times a week you scrub your locks count.


Step one:
Before stepping into the shower make sure you are brushing your hair out starting from the ends and working your way up. Doing this before the shower is ideal because it allows you to detangle. You never want to use a brush to detangle when your hair is wet because it is just too harsh.

Step Two:
Always rinse your hair with warm water first. Before applying any products to your hair, make sure you give it a thorough rinse with just warm water. This will help open up cuticles which will get any trapped dirt out.

Step Three:
A little bit of product actually goes a long way. Using just about a quarter sized squeeze of PON (Pure Organic Natural) shampoo is enough to get the results we’re looking for. Shampoo is supposed to cleanse your hair and rid it of dirt and toxins, using too much can actually work against you by stripping your hair of its natural vitamins and oils. Focus on the roots when shampooing and help lather it up with your fingertips and avoid shampooing the ends of your hair.

Step Four:
Once your PON (Pure Organic Natural) shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out take your conditioner and work that from mid-length all the way down to the tips of your hair. You don’t need to put conditioner on the roots of your hair because your scalp already produces enough natural oils. Take your hair and clip it up while you finish the rest of your shower routine. This will ensure you get a good 5-15 minutes soaking that moisture into your hair before we wash it out.

Tip: You don’t need to use conditioner every time, especially when you’re going to style your hair for a night out.

Step Five:
Take a dip in cold water. When getting ready to rinse out your conditioner, switch your faucet from hot to cold. Since we started with opening up your hair cuticles we want to finish by sealing your cuticles. This will help lock in the moisture and shine and create beautiful smooth and healthy hair. Did we mention this will also help your hair become shiny too?

Once every week or so we like to take our routine to the next level by deep conditioning my hair with a natural DIY hair mask. We have found that this deep conditioning has left our hair soft and silky and most importantly has helped with split ends.  We also like to make sure our hair stays healthy by using only Pure Organic and Natural ingredients like the ones found in our PON (Pure Organic Natural) shampoo products.swiss_alps-shampoo-2pack-lo_res

For all hair types, try our Swiss Alps Artemisia Shampoo in a convenient set of 2 or in a combination set with our Swiss Alps Artemisia Body Wash.

For dry & damaged hair, try our Swiss Alps Linum Shampoo in a convenient set of 2 or in a combination set along with our Swiss Alps Linum Body Wash.

If you’d like to share any healthy hair tips, please leave a comment!