Summer Hairstyles

Summer 2017 is in full effect and if you’re like me, living in Southern California, then you know summer has already started peeking through. One of the best things about summer is the make-up free, messy hair days down at the beach. With temperatures rising we need more looks that are hassle-free and hot temp friendly. I want to share with you the looks that help me survive the summer heat!Beachy Waves Hair

Chop, Chop

One of my favorite’s is the Bob!  If you can manage to part with your locks this summer is going for a classic short-do, the bob! This look will always be in style, and even better it’s going to help you feel a whole lot lighter this summer.Bob Hair Cut

Braided Crown

To get that Snapchat worthy look while staying cool, toss your hair up into a messy braided crown. Simply braid your hair around your head in a crown plait style. For even more fun, add medium sized flowers to your crown. To keep it messy pull out a couple strands here and there for that perfect “I woke up like this” look.



The signature topknot is perfect for any occasion. Yoga, beach day, lunch with the girls, casual Fridays and if you sleek it back you can even make it a night look. I can’t think of anywhere I wouldn’t rock a topknot. This is a 2 minute hairstyle that can be complemented with a headband or gold hoop earrings, the possibilities are endless!

Top Knot

French Braid

The classic French Braid is perfect for when you just need your hair out of your face, from your morning workout to a summer BBQ. When you’re torn between wanting to wear your hair down and not wanting to have to worry about it, this can be your go-to!


Beachy waves

We are channeling beach vibes all summer long with this hair style. Since we want to combat frizz, this messy look is right up our alley. It’s ideal for those cool summer nights at the bonfire. We are leaving the sleek waves at the door and saying hello to those beautifully wavy locks! (My favorite product to use with this look is a sea salt spray, it helps texturize my hair and give it the volume it needs). 


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Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs that will include more DIY hair recipes to bath bombs.

Let us know your favorite summer styles in the comments below!



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