Flag Cake Recipe



It’s America’s birthday and it’s only right that we celebrate with cake. Light, fluffy, sweet, and perfect for summer, flag cake!

This is the easiest cake that you will ever make and it is also the most delicious, simple, looks like you spent all day on it kind! Did we mention that this recipe is also kid-friendly too? Have the whole family join you in some fun!

baking cake


1 box of white or yellow cake mix.
8 oz. whipped cream
fresh strawberries
fresh blueberries


  1. Follow direction on your favorite cake mix. (I like to use a rectangle shaped cake pan for further flag effect)
  2. Let cake completely cool when it comes out of the oven.
  3. Spread whipped cream across the top, frosting generously.
  4. Arrange your blueberries in rows in the top left corner of your cake in order to resemble the “stars”. Personally I made rows of 8 across and 4 down.
  5. Next slice your strawberries, Take your strawberries and line them up in rows across the cake to resemble the “stripes”. I made 5 rows of strawberries going across the cake.

TAH-DAH, you are finished. The most simple cake you’ll ever taste, it’s light, fluffy delicious and perfect for the occasion. On top of that, this cake is a crowd pleaser, it didn’t last more than 10 minutes at my house.

Happy Birthday America!

Please leave us a comment below on your favorite 4th of July recipes!




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