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For a full Teasia Coffee review by our good friend Missy’s Product Reviews she tried 3 of our most popular flavors:

  1. Brazil Fazenda – Medium Roast
  2. Colombia Huila – Medium Roast
  3. El Salvador – Medium Roast

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PON Pumpkin Spice Latte Exfoliating ScrubThis time of year it is pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! Carving pumpkins, glittering pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies and of course the holy grail of all the Pumpkin Spice Latte. This season is bringing us pumpkins a plenty but it’s also bringing us cold weather which can make for some dry skin. That means extra pumpkin time and extra skin care time. How about combining both? The Pumpkin Spice Latte Scrub will keep you soft and smooth this season while also helping you use some of the extra parts of the pumpkin that a lot of people typically toss! Plus this recipe is as easy as pumpkin pie.

Enough water to fill a pot
Pumpkin Seeds from your last pumpkin
½ cup Coffee Grounds
⅓ cup Pumpkin Seed Body Oil (Or any body oil of your choice: avocado, grape seed)
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Ginger
1 teaspoon Nutmeg
3-4 drops of Pumpkin essential oil (or any essential oil of your choice)

1) Preheat your oven to 300 degrees (f).
2) Scoop your raw seeds into a pot with water and boil for 15-30 min. Your goal is to get the stringy flesh disconnected from the seeds.
Drain your pumpkin seeds and allow them to fully dry.
4) Bake seeds for 15-20 mins until slightly crisps.
5) Let pumpkin seeds cool completely.
6) Process seeds in a coffee grinder.
7) Add pumpkin seeds in a mixing bowl along with coffee grounds.
8) Add your pumpkin body seed oil (you want a wet:dry ratio of 1:2)
9) Add more if needed for your desired consistency.
10) Now add your cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg along with your drops of pumpkin essential oil and mix.
11) Store your scrub in an airtight container and use within 1-2 months.

Now you can exfoliate away.

Make sure you follow this exfoliating scrub with your favorite PON Swiss Alps Linum Body Wash  to help put the hydration back into your skin. This is perfect for a homemade scrub or as a Fall gift for friends and family.


Showering Tips & Tricks

We’ve been showering our whole lives, so you’d think by now we’d have it down pat. As with everything there are always new tips and tricks that pop up on the Internet to tell us what we’ve been doing wrong and for confidence boosting with what we are doing right. We learned some tricks that we are going to start incorporating along the way and we wanted to break them down right here for you.



Flooding your shower with hot water is a big no no when taking a shower. Experts actually say that warm showers are a lot better than taking a scalding hot shower. Very hot showers remove a lot of your natural oils and can leave your skin dry, which is not good for anybody but especially someone who is more prone to dry skin. Make sure that your water is at skin temperature or a little bit warmer for the best shower for your skin.


The best way to make sure that your skin stays nice and moisturized is to keep your showers between 5 and 10 minutes. Even though it is so tempting to stay in the water for 30 minutes, try and keep those natural oils intact by shortening your shower. (This helps save water too!)


One of the most important elements to anyone’s shower routine is to keep it simple! We only use products that are going to help and nourish skin.  Switching to natural body products really makes all the difference in your skin. PON CARES is our absolute #1 go-to because there are absolutely no parabens or sulfates that damage skin and hair. Only Pure, Organic and Natural ingredients that help skin stay soft and moisturized.


Most people vigorously rub their bodies dry with a towel as soon as they get out of the shower. This is a mistake! What you really should be doing is patting your body dry with a towel. Just enough to keep skin damp and not dripping. When your skin is damp, that is when you need to be using lotions to help lock in moisture.

Using these tips will help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Treat your skin right and incorporate a couple of these into your routine.

Leave a comment below with your better shower tips!

Remember to always use the simple ingredients in PON CARES to help relieve irritated and itchy skin and scalp.

Fall Bucket List


Today is the first day of Fall and we are very excited about Autumn. We have been waiting for this day since we experienced the first day of that summer heat wave. Fall means crisper weather, warmer sweaters and people in better moods because the holidays are right around the corner. It feels like a whole new world! A nice rain has washed away the summer and brought  nothing but good vibes.

There are so many fun things to do during the Fall so let’s get started now. We have created the ultimate Fall bucket list that has equal parts adventure with equal parts staying in and bundling up! Print this out, hang it on your wall and make this the bucket list that you live by. Make memories with your favorite people this season.

FALL BUCKET LIST: (*** Ideas you can do solo or with friends)


At Home Activities Outdoor Activities
Make apple cider*** Go on a bike ride***
Bake a pie, like pumpkin pie!*** Watch the sunset***
Try a new pumpkin recipe Go for a hike***
Eat candy corn Visit a Fall festival***
Roast pumpkin seeds Read outside
Make candy apples*** Go pumpkin picking***
Watch Hocus Pocus*** Visit a farm***
Burn a Fall themed candle Stuff a scarecrow***
Learn to crochet in front of a fire Go on a spooky graveyard tour***
Make a Thanksgiving centerpiece*** Have a bonfire***
Glitter a pumpkin*** Go ice skating***
Make yourself a blanket burrito Visit a corn maze***
Drink a pumpkin spice latte Go black Friday shopping***
Binge watch a new series on Netflix Go to a football game***
Buy Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula cereal and enjoy it for dinner Watch the sunrise while you’re kayaking***
Make s’mores*** Go for a morning jog
Host a fall brunch*** Go stargazing***
Make pumpkin shaped cookies*** Volunteer at a soup kitchen***
Make a homemade jam*** Go to a drive in movie***
Make Halloween cupcakes*** Have a fall themed picnic at the park***
Make your own Halloween costume*** Decorate your front porch
Paint your nails orange Take a yoga class***
Start a scrapbook Head to Oktoberfest***
Fill your house with Halloween music Treat yourself to a pedicure

Make this season one for the books. Feel free to add something you’ve always wanted to do and leave a comment below letting us know what you’re most excited to try.



DIY Bath Bombs

balls-1102471_640.jpgThere is nothing more relaxing then a warm bath. The only thing that can make that bath more enjoyable is when it is accompanied by glitter, flower petals and swirling colors. Yes we are talking BATH BOMBS today.  More specifically DIY bath bombs, quick, easy and gorgeous! Get ready for an insta-worthy bath time!

What you’ll need:

1 cup baking soda
½ cup epsom salt
½ cup cornstarch
½ cup citric acid (You can find this at your local grocery store)
1 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil
Witch Hazel
Dried rose petals (Optional)
1-2 tsp of essential oils (We love lavender!)
Cosmetic grade coloring
Bath Bomb Molds (find them at your local craft store or online.)
Cosmetic Grade Glitter (Optional)

bath timeTime to get started:

1)      Mix together your baking soda, corn starch, Epsom salt and citric acid.
2)      In another bowl mix together your oil of choice and the essential oils.
3)      Only adding a little bit at a time, mix together your wet and dry ingredients.
4)      Add your coloring, make sure you are only adding a few drops in slowly while mixing and waiting until it is completely mixed in to add more. You do not want to activate the fizz.
5)      If your mix is dry, using one squirt at a time, spray your mixture with witch hazel, then squeeze in your hand, adding as many sprays as necessary until it holds its shape.
6)      Fill the bottom of your molds with glitter and dried rose petal pieces.
7)      Press mixture into molds, make sure you pack the molds very tightly, once they are holding their shape, remove from the molds carefully and allow them to air dry on wax paper.
8)      Throw one of these bombs into your tub and let the relaxation begin.

If you have any DIY bath bomb recipes that you absolutely love, please leave us a comment!




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Pure Organic Natural GiveawayIt’s time for another chance to win! We are hosting our end of summer giveaway! This giveaway will include our brand new PON canvas bag filled with some PON goodies! The giveaway starts today and will end on 9/19/17. THERE WILL BE 2 LUCKY WINNERS!⠀

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U.S. residents and 18 years+ entries only ⠀

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DIY Hair Masks

Nothing says Sunday like your comfiest pair of sweats, binge watching your current obsession on TV and perhaps a pint of ice cream. We can all agree that Sunday’s are for pampering ourselves. The best part about your pamper routine is that it’s definitely not inclusive. We’re always looking for more ways to treat ourselves. One of our absolute favorite ways to feel at my best is to throw a hair mask on and bring our luscious locks back to life!

cozy bed

Our personal favorite home recipes for anything related to beauty are of course the all-natural recipes with all the love and zero of the harsh ingredients that can ultimately strip your hair of any of its natural beauty. It’s important to remember that not all masks are created equally! Take the time to research and find out what type of hair you possess to make sure you are using the perfect hair mask to get the results you need. To make your Sunday a little bit more relaxed we went ahead and found recipes that are sure to work for hair types across the board!

If you have oily hair:strawberries

Puree these ingredients together:

1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
8 fresh strawberries

Make sure you apply this mask from root to tips.

For best results tie your hair up in a loose bun and put on a shower cap.

Let your hair soak in this strawberry field of heaven for 15-20 mins so watch some TV and relax!

Fall in love with your new glossy healthy hair the all natural way. Make sure to keep your hair clean and healthy with our aloe-based, sulfate and paraben free shampoo: shop here.

If you have a dry or irritated scalp:

olive oil

Mix together a generous amount of Greek Yogurt with one tablespoon of olive oil.

Make sure that you are massaging this mask deep into the roots of your hair.

Let it sit atop your head like a crown representing the queen you are for 18-20 mins. You can also put on a shower cap.

Fall in love with your moisturized hair one lock at a time.


For dry hair, don’t forget to use our aloe-based, sulfate and paraben free shampoo for dry & damaged hair: shop here.

If you want more volume:


You’ll need some coconut oil. Dampen your hair and part it down the middle. Next, separate hair in ½ inch sections and start applying coconut oil.

Make sure you coat your whole head.

Tie your hair up in a loose bun and cover it with a shower cap so you can bake your way to hair that has more volume. Leave this mask on anywhere from 30 mins to overnight.

Fall in love with your straight from the island locks.


To make sure your hair is always getting the love it deserves, make sure you are using a shampoo that is all natural and giving your hair what it needs throughout the week so you can make it to your Sunday at home spa treatments. If you want something: pure organic and natural always lather, rinse and repeat with PON.

 If you have any DIY recipes you’d like to share, please leave a comment!


Body Wash For Dry & Sensitive Skin

Our Dry and Sensitive Skin body wash is formulated specifically


 for those who are struggling with skin that needs a little extra love. Dry and sensitive skin can be something that is inherited, for example eczema. However for many people that have dry and sensitive skin is can be avoided and treated by switching up your skincare routine.



The reasons for dry and sensitive skin can vary. The weather being one reason, during the summertime you can find your skin becoming more sensitive because of ineffective sunscreen, excess sweating and also chlorine if you frequent pools during the hotter months. During the winter you can experience windburn, itchiness and dry patches on your skin.


You can also experience dry and sensitive skin because of the products that you use contain, sulfates, parabens, fragrance and colorants. Your skin was not made to handle harsh toxins, chemicals and fragrance. Reading the backs of bottles or product page ingredients lists can truly be a skin saving miracle.

We know that there are already so many different factors that are working against your skin. That’s why we set out to be the breath of fresh air that relieves your skin from day to day life. We only use the power of Pure Organic and Natural ingredients to help balance and bring hydration back into your skin all year long.The organic Swiss Alps Linum plant extract, a natural antioxidant better known as flax fiber, relieves irritation from dry and sensitive skin. Sugarcane and sugar maple work together to moisturize and clear away dead skin cells, resulting in skin that appears fresher, smoother and younger.



Leave us a comment letting us know your biggest skin sensitivity and how you help battle it.

Amazing Benefits of Using Aloe Vera for Beauty and Health

For centuries aloe vera has been used for its medicinal and healing properties, though it was not always known as this name. The Egyptians called it the ‘plant of immortality’, the Hindi called it ‘Ghritkumari’, and the Native Americans called it ‘wand of heaven’. This stemmed plant is thick and fleshy with green leaves that contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and goodness that can perform miracles not only for your skin, but for your hair and health as well naturally.


Aloe Vera for Beauty

Aloe vera and aloe vera based products are great year round whether it’s during cold and frigid winter nights to the hot and dry summer days. In addition, aloe is a nourishing natural plant that works in harmony with all skin and all hair types making it effective to treat a number of beauty issues we may have from head to toe.

Benefits for the Skin

Aloe Vera can help treat, exfoliate, restore, and revitalize your skin. Various studies and research have shown that aloe is effective in treating an array of skin conditions from moisturizing dry, flaky skin and soothing redness and itchiness to helping clear acne. It can also alleviate burns and scrapes as well as reducing the visibility of scars and reducing stretch marks.


Benefits for Hair

For hair, Aloe Vera can help fight a number of hair problems we face with its healing nutrients. This natural ingredient contains many effective properties to keep your scalp healthy and hair strong and shiny. Aloe Vera works as a natural scalp and hair pH balancer, which helps hair retain water and moisture. With a balanced and moisturized scalp, dandruff is reduced and itchiness is reduced allowing hair to grow long, shiny, and healthy.

Aloe Vera for Health and Wellness

Aloe Vera is not only popular in the beauty industry, but also raved about in the health industry. Aloe Vera is a healthy and natural ingredient to add to your diet and lifestyle. For health, aloe can be directly consumed in food or drinks. Aloe Vera juice that contain leaf pulp is rich in natural nutrients and fibers for health benefits. When ingested, aloe can help line the digestive tract to help heal and repair your stomach and intestines and increase healthy bacteria in the intestines to aid digestion.  In addition, aloe help get the system going and help cleanse the intestines naturally, while also working to to normalize the pH levels of your digestive track. Aloe can help boost the immune system and as well as kills infections.

Here at Pure Organic Natural (PONcares.com), our #1 ingredient is Aloe Vera. For a list of all of our products, please visit: www.poncares.com.